the wall

The wall; that’s all I’ve got to face now

Tall and thick, turning my painful screams to a dull squeak
Wherever I go now, or whenever I do
Everything I see is only an imaginary view


The wall—to tell you the truth—is just a side of a cube
That imprisones me inside, on the corner of my pride
It is beautiful, with gleamy Victorian patterns in the dark
And every single line becomes the cobweb in my mind


Then, in the universe beneath the wall
Where the cobwebs bend my fears of all
I get tangled by one in second, then trapped by another one the next second
Despite the endless space, I can find nowhere to move on


So I’m still standing here, against the wall
Let the emptiness cast a shade upon my soul
Whether it’s right or wrong
I’m always all alone


Kemari, kamu pasti ingin berkata sesuatu.

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