As long as know about this world is…
There’s nothing last for long time.
For several years I walked the same dusty road.
The same misery.
The same loneliness.
Bitterness to be through.
The sunray burned every single poster that show me the most wanted person.
And he’d never been caught up.
So I wonder where are the cops?
Did they exist under the blizzard? Blistering cold night? Destructive tornado?
Did they know that this bad guy could vanish behind the shadow, and haunted into the endless nightmare?
Did they know I was just to write his name in my hideous notebook?
I continued to walk, but traffic jam distracted me.
Why are humans so selfish?
Can’t they walk slowly, side by side, with no pride, with no evil thought?
Then I arrived at my very familiar place, where I could take a little bit long breath before I started to walk again.
Routinities, boredoms, lies, pains, tears made me smuthered far, far away beneath the Earth surface.
I got to crawl back to my world and stop deceiving anyone.
I got to tell someone that I really needed her.
And how my feeling stabbed deeply into my core.
I got to say I’m so sorry for everyone.
I got to confess how I regret all that I’ve done.
I got to hit my chest and realize that I was all wrong.
I got to run fast and faster, test my heart for the last time.
I got to chase her, find her, to say that I love her more than she knew.
I really love her, the one and only I have.
I got to see how much I bleed and how dark my blood was.
I got to feel how hurt I must suffer before my last breath.
I got to say hi to someone that I’d killed in the past.
I finally saw the best summer sunshine.
I got to smile because it’s over.
Bye, world.


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